How to Redirect Ads.txt URL in WordPress?

Here is a step to step instruction on how to 301 redirect Ads.txt:

  • On your wordpress admin dashboard, click “Plugins”, then “Ad New”;
  • On the new panel, search “Redirection” ;
Redirections Ads.txt
Redirections Ads.txt
  • Install and activate the plugin;
  • Under “Tools” menu, you will find “Redirection” sub-menu;
  • On the Redirection dashboard, click “Ad New” button;
  • Fill the information:
    • Source URL: /ads.txt;
    • Query Parameters: choose ignore all parameters;
    • Target URL: if you use MonetizeJoy to manage your ads.txt, enter your ads.txt link.
    • Group: Redirections
  • Click “Save”;
  • Enter your root domain https://{root domain}/ads.txt to validate the redirections.

You are all set now.

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