Ads.txt Setup & Management with MonetizeJoy

MonetizeJoy provides an easy and intuitive way to help publishers manage their ads.txt.

  • Manage all your Ads.txt in one place.
  • Save time.
    • Simply find the bidder and update the ads.txt when they update the record. That’s it.

Here is how to manage your ads.txt with MonetizeJoy

  1. Click “Setup” on the menu.
  2. Click “Add Website” button.
  3. After adding the website, click “Add Bidder” on the Setup website page.
  4. Choose the bidders you are currently working with, and enter the Ads.txt you receive from the bidder.
  5. After you add all the bidders, including Google, Open Bidding Partners and intermediates, click “Ads.txt” button on setup website dashboard.
  6. Copy Ads.txt link.
  7. Redirect your ads.txt to MonetizeJoy’s.

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